Bachmann Wireless E-Z Command Dynamis DCC Controller New In Box

Bachmann  Wireless E-Z Command Dynamis DCC Controller New In Box
Bachmann  Wireless E-Z Command Dynamis DCC Controller New In Box Bachmann  Wireless E-Z Command Dynamis DCC Controller New In Box
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Bachmann  Wireless E-Z Command Dynamis DCC Controller New In Box​

E-Z Command Dynamis allows the operator total freedom by integrating advanced infra red wireless technology into an affordable and powerful Digital Command Control System. Using a unique toggle style joystick both speed and selection of locomotive are controlled. A backlit LCD screen with graphical interface and easy to use menu buttons make programming of CVs and operation of the unit is simplicity itself. Locomotives can be recalled by either selecting the locomotives by Name or Number and both 2 and 4 digit addressing is supported. The 10 function buttons allow for simple One Touch Operation allowing for different sounds and lighting to be operated. In addition by simply selecting A or B bank on the menu button you can operate decoders which support up to 20 functions. 

Accessory decoders can also be fully controlled from the E-Z Command Dynamis system allowing you operate Turnout/Points and signals, plus a host of other exciting accessories which are coming on to the market every day. 

EZ Command Dynamis allows you to be in total control of your railway with the freedom you deserve. 

The 36-508 Dynamis Pro Box allows for three additional wireless controllers and several wired controllers to be added plus PC interface transforming your E-Z Command Dynamis into an E-Z Command Dynamis Pro system. 

E-Z Command Dynamis will work with DCC decoders that comply with NMRA DCC standards, including for example Digitrax, ESU, MRC, Gaugmaster, NCE, Lenz, Zimo, TCS, Soundtraxx, Hornby and ZTC. 

E-Z Command Dynamis has been designed to be compliant to NMRA standards utilising the latest technology and allowing you to enjoy running your railway the way you desire. 

Contents: - DynamisWireless Handset with backlit LCD screen - Dynamis Command Station including wireless signal receiver - Transformer
- Advanced wireless infrared operation 
- 2.5 amp power supply 
- 128 speed steps 
- Full CV programming 
- Full NMRA conformance 
- 9,999 locomotive addresses 
- Turnout and accessory control 
- Expandable modular design 
- Easy-to-use backlit LCD screen 
- Allows 40 consists of up to 5 locomotives each 
- Control of up to 40 locomotives at any one time (up to 21 functions per locomotive) 
- Suitable for all layouts from train sets to sophisticated railway systems 
- Joystick control for speed and on screen selection

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