Roco Multimaus 10810 Set No Amplifier

Roco Multimaus  10810 Set No Amplifier
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Roco Multimaus  10810 Set No Amplifier   


Note: No box as sold individually from complete train set.

The multiMAUS brings together the functionality of the legendary Lokmaus with the comfort of a fully 
digital central control unit. Whether you use the multiMAUS as just a comfortable controller or wish to use 
it for comprehensive programming of your locomotive decoder and turnouts, the clear layout of the design 
and simple operation make the multiMAUS the leading digital model railroading controller.
Our aim when developing this Lokmaus was to make operation as intuitive as possible. The addition of 
the various new functions can be easily controlled. This manual is designed to introduce you to all the 
capabilities of the multiMAUS.
In order to make this manual clear and easy to understand, it is broken down into several sections. 
Beginning users that wish to use the multiMAUS only for playing are not required to read the entire 
manual. The first section is sufficient for simple, everyday use.
This first section of the manual deals with the basics for connecting and operating the multiMAUS. Users 
who wish to use the many diverse programming options of the multiMAUS will find instructions in the 
second section of this manual. The third section serves as a guide for special cases involving digital model 
railroading. The glossary contains the definitions of basic terms that you may encounter while spending 
time with your digital system.
Have fun reading this manual and, of course, using the multiMAUS.
Modelleisenbahn GmbH
The concept
▶ Ergonomic shape for one-hand operation
▶ Large LCD with backlight
▶ Simple methods for setting speed and direction of travel of the locomotives using the rotary knob
▶ Rotary knob with zero locking position
▶ Multilingual operation
▶ Compatibility with other DCC / NMRA-compatible controllers
▶ The ROCO digital system is expandable to include up to 31 input devices such as extra Lokmaus or 
multiMAUS devices, RouteControl etc.
▶ Future updates via RS485 and ROCOMOTION (X-Bus)
The features
▶ Managing 9,999 locomotive addresses & Deciding between locomotive library or locomotive address
▶ Alphanumerical locomotive name display with locomotive database for 64 entries, i.e. locomotives
▶ Locomotive control with 14, 28 and 128 speed steps which can be set for each locomotive individually
▶ Control of light and 20 additional functions for locomotives
▶ Control up to 1,024 turnout addresses
▶ Writing configuration variables (DCC-CVs)
▶ Emergency stop with shut-down of the entire system
▶ Emergency stop for the selected locomotive
▶ Child lock for functions which may could be problematic for children (e.g. programming)

Note: No Box Sold Individualy Set

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