Mini Air Brush + Compressor Complete Kit

Mini Air Brush + Compressor Complete Kit
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Mini Air Brush + Compressor Complete Kit 

Air brush Features:

Pen guns suitable for small artistic spray-jobs for model railroading likeloco painting , layout painting , building painting etc. which require precision spray.  Their versatility makes them adaptable to using any colouring agent, inks and lacquer

Round to flat pattern adjustment.
Lightweight and sleek body.
Comfortable handle and trigger action                
The Air Brush guns are small and lightweight 
Balanced handle for comfortable & firm grip
Easy trigger action for convenient use

Needle adjustment


Compressor Features :



Can Be driven by 12 Volts Dc or 220 Volts Ac

Adopter : 12 vdc / ac 220-240 /60 HZ

Power - 9W

Max. Pressure : 15 psi

Flow Rate > 13 Lpm

Pipe Length 2 Mtr.


Light weight with pouch noise less

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