Kato Unitrack Double Track Model Train Catenary Poles (6pcs.)

Kato Unitrack Double Track Model Train Catenary Poles (6pcs.)
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 The structure of HO Uni-track line, two types of single-wire overhead line pole and double track overhead wires pillar is a debut.
The HO product structure for the first time from KATO. In overhead line pole which is indispensable to reproduce the electrified section
Please help us to create an atmosphere of the line when.
The style is familiar with concrete pole type in both single wire overhead line pole, double track overhead line pole.
It is sure that passing vehicles becomes more attractive.

- Realistic is composed of steel beams and concrete pillars, a double track overhead wires of the gate pillar shape.
- And a concrete pillar of the real thing (gray mold), steel beam of zinc plated (silver molding)
Color molding adoption.
- In 60mm of (HO) Uni-track line standard, and also available to quadruple double track line spacing. In overhead line pillar stand
Holding a double track spacing 60mm.
- Construction gauge of the curve section with respect to the Company's 21m class vehicle, with double track with a radius of more than R550/R610
- Input six double track overhead line pole. Tension adjusting device × 2, overhead wires pillar board (for double track) × 6 is attached. Pendant
Makeup treasuring.

[About the product]
- This product has the model of essential items, the overhead line electrification pillar route.
- The embedding at the touch of a button to an existing uni-track and panoramic views of the electrified line easily.
- Installation conditions are as follows.
· Please use the uni-track line curve radius of 550mm or more.
· In the case of line with Kant, please use the line of 730mm or more.
- Rather than the curved section, please be installed in straight section tension adjusting device.
※ Attention:
Installation of the above conditions, is passing conditions of vehicles KATO made 21m class.
If you have a vehicle length and foreign form, you might want to contact in curved portion.

[Set contents]
- Double track overhead line pole × 6
(Part composition: Column A , column B (pillar) × 2 to give the (tension adjusting device,
Liang 1 × 6, Liang 2 × 6)
- Tension adjusting device × 2
- Overhead wires pillar stand (5-051) × 6

- Line is not included in this product.

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